Episode 79

Unveiling AI’s Ethical Challenges: Insights from Reid Blackman, Ph.D.

In today’s episode, we’re privileged to have Reid Blackman, Ph.D., joining us.

Reid Blackman is a prominent figure in the realm of AI ethics. He’s the author of “Ethical Machines,” the host of the “Ethical Machines” podcast, and the Founder and CEO of Virtue, a leading digital ethical risk consultancy. His expertise extends to advising the Canadian government on AI regulations and serving as a Senior Advisor to the Deloitte AI Institute. With a vast portfolio that includes organizations like AWS, the FBI, and NASA, his insights have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, the BBC, Forbes, The Harvard Business Review, and The New York Times.

Today, we dive into the complex ethical challenges posed by AI in our digital landscape. 

In this episode we talk about: 

▶︎ AI’s role in the 2024 Election

▶︎ The erosion of ethics and the impact that it could have on recently released public platforms such as ChatGPT

▶︎ AI-generated medical data and the potential subjectivity linked to input variations and the pressing concern: Can physicians confidently rely on AI-generated results when diagnosing and treating patients? 

▶︎ And So Much More… 



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