Episode 81

Unlocking Confidence and Joy: Exploring SELF!SH with Stephanie Szostak

In this episode, Heather is speaking with Stephanie Szostak an actress and Give an Hour Ambassador who speaks on overcoming failure, being an outsider and living with authenticity. Szostak left her native France to study business and play varsity golf at the College of William & Mary. At twenty-nine years old, after a brief stint at Chanel in New York City, she took a leap and gave the acting world a try. Her most notable projects include The Devil Wears Prada, Iron Man 3, Dinner for Schmucks, and the ABC hit series A Million Little Things.

Ten years into her career, she suffered from crippling imposter syndrome which pushed her to address her mindset and develop her own Playbook as a daily practice of mental fitness. Stephanie and Heather discuss the power of Stephanie’s playbook concept, which can help individuals improve their mindset, focus, and overall well-being. Stephanie emphasizes the importance of creating a personalized playbook for various aspects of life, from career to relationships to personal growth. She also shares personal stories and testimonials from friends and colleagues who have benefited from using the playbook.

In this episode we talk about: 

▶︎ Stephanie’s playbook concept is a powerful tool for improving mindset and focus.

▶︎ Playbooks can be personalized for different aspects of life, such as career, relationships, and personal growth.

▶︎ The playbook helps individuals shift their focus to what serves them well and respond effectively to challenges.

▶︎ Daily conditioning of the mind through the playbook can lead to positive changes in one’s life.

▶︎ The playbook is a valuable resource for individuals of all backgrounds and stages in life.

▶︎ And So Much More… 

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