Episode 3

TJ Lang – The Mental Game of a Super Bowl Champion

TJ Lang, former NFL star  has pivoted his professional life in some incredible ways.  

TJ shares with Mentors and Moguls Podcast what motivates him every day. When there are times when he feels like he just can’t get to it in the morning, he remembers the motivation he got from his teammates when he was in the league. He knew that when he was hurting and didn’t want to do the work, there was always someone else who was in the same boat and still showing up. He was never afraid to have a bad play, he was most afraid of letting his teammates down. He dedicated himself to extending his career and became the best player he could. 

His role models growing up were his parents. The work ethic his father had to improve TJ’s hometown and the motivation his father had rubbed off on him. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how big and strong you are if you don’t put in the work. That’s something he’s lived by to this day. 75% of his game was mental. If he was going in 100% confident, he would get it done. 

Now that he’s retired, TJ is looking to stay involved with the game. He wants to dabble in as many areas as he can–radio, TV, advisory roles, you name it. That way, when he decides what it is he is most passionate about, he’ll be more prepared. 



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2 comments on “TJ Lang – The Mental Game of a Super Bowl Champion”

TJ reminds me that no matter what, you must consider the team. Getting back up and rising to the challenge is not always just for yourself, but for the benefit of the entire team that is pushing through to reach a common goal. This winning “can do” “will do” “must do” attitude is what makes people like T.J. all the more impressive.

Great words of wisdom. I especially liked his statement “Character is who you are when no one is watching”. With social media so many young people are doing things for others to watch but what are they doing when the camera is down? Are they the same? If not, then why?

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