Episode 76

The Benefits of Cold Plunging with Dr. Susanna Søberg

Dr. Susanna Søberg is the founder of “Soeberg Institute” and “The Thermalist cure”. Susanna is a leading international scientist and expert in cold and heat therapy to reduce stress and improve health, sleep and to optimize performance. 

She uses science-based tools as the basis for her health programs. As an Oxygen Advantage Instructor, she is a certified breathing instructor and uses functional breathing techniques to empower people to get the best out of their lives. The science behind the positive effects of functional breathing is profound and proven to be fundamental to our health and performance – at work and in sport.

Susanna obtained her PhD in metabolism at The University of Copenhagen and has contributed to a deeper understanding of our metabolism – brown fat in specific – and its purpose in adults. Since 2016 she has been dedicated to research into the effect of cold and heat exposure on human health. Her interest continues to focus on the connection between our physical and mental health.

Based on the depth of her scientific research and experience, Susanna has developed her programs with the aim of lowering stress, improving sleep, and increasing physical and mental health. Her programs are all science based with the purpose of avoiding burn-out, achieving the highest level of performance.

In 2019 she published her debut book “Winter swimming” – a motivational book, where she described the many scientific proven benefits about cold water immersion and sauna – told in an easy every-day language. “Winter swimming” is now published in 13 languages.  

In this episode, we talk about: 

▶︎ Her debut book “Winter Swimming”

▶︎ The benefits of developing brown fat to burn more calories

▶︎ The health benefits of cold plunging

▶︎ And So Much More…

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