Episode 16

Starting a Non-Profit with Genevieve Piturro

On today’s expert mentoring session, Genevieve Piturro joins the podcast. Genevieve is a founder, author, and consultant for the Pajama Program in New York City. So far, The Pajama Program has shared over 7 million “Good Nights” for children to have “Good Days.” In this episode, the founder of the project will share her inspiring story as well as tips on how to change your course and follow your heart. 

The Pajama Program was founded over twenty years ago and its mission is to give children the resources they need to get a good night’s rest.

The Pajama Program was founded over twenty years ago and its mission is to provide children with the resources they need to get a good night’s rest. Although Genevieve was working a steady corporate job, she felt a special calling to volunteer within foster shelters in New York City. So she dedicated her evenings to reading to the children in the local shelters. One evening, though, she followed to see where the children slept at night and was shocked to see the environment in which the kids were expected to sleep. Since that night, she started bringing pajamas one-by-one for each kid within the shelters and continued to spend her evenings reading to the children before their bedtime. 

“Feel the fear and do it anyway.” – Genevieve Piturro, Author and Founder of the Pajama Program

Genevieve says she still uses her experience as a successful television marketer, only now it helps shape the way in which she tells her story of the Pajama Program to others in a way to make people want to take action. She then shares her story of how she transitioned from her corporate career to taking on more project work with the support of her partner. 

Genevieve also talks about “The Rocking Chair Test” which she says helps her to make many of her decisions. You have to think of yourself as 85-years-old, in a rocking chair alone, and ask yourself, “Did I do everything I wanted to do? Did I go for it?” Whenever she faces an obstacle, Genevieve says that she never stops asking people for help and that she stays focused on her goal to get the job done. The biggest reward for working with this project, Genevieve says, is the power of human connection and sharing this power of vulnerability with others. 

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3 months ago

What a heartwarming story! Genevieve and the Pajama Program…truly an inspiration.