Episode 82

LIVE PODCAST EPISODE – Nurturing Your Inner Warrior with Medium and Soul Gardener, Austyn Wells

In this captivating, LIVE episode of the Mentors and Moguls Podcast, Heather R. Stone introduces esteemed guest, Austyn Wells, a medium, soul gardener, and intuitive. Austyn explores the profound concept of the soul’s dual nature, making a clear demarcation between the finite self, representative of our human essence, and the infinite self, our profound link to the universal consciousness. Her discourse accentuates the paramount importance of self-love and gracefully escorts the audience through an illuminating energy exercise, designed to foster the cultivation of their energy fields, the ethereal terrain that encompasses their very souls.

Austyn then gracefully transitions towards the realm of mediumship, where she shares her experiences in forging connections with departed loved ones, underscoring the frequent sentiments imbued with love, healing, and guidance. Encouraging a shift in one’s perspective from the finite self to the infinite self, Austyn offers valuable insights to navigate the intricacies of life’s challenges and opportunities. The episode concludes with Austyn connecting with departed spirits, delivering messages of understanding, love, and healing to guests in attendance. In this episode, we talk about:

In this episode we talk about: 

▶︎ The Soul’s Duality: Exploring the concept of the soul and its duality, including the finite self and the infinite self.

▶︎ Embracing Self-Love: The importance of self-love and accepting all aspects of ourselves, fostering a deeper connection with our own souls.

▶︎ Energy Exercise: Austyn’s exercise to connect with and nurture our energy fields, providing insight into the invisible landscape of our souls.

▶︎ Mediumship and Spirit Communication: Insights into mediumship and how spirits communicate to convey messages of love, healing, and guidance.

▶︎ Shifting Perspectives: Transitioning from a finite self to an infinite self-perspective, and how it influences our approach to life’s challenges and opportunities.

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