Episode 69

How to Persevere Through Dyslexia to Become Publisher of a Top New York Publication, with Elinor Tatum

Elinor Tatum, Publisher, and Editor in Chief of the New York Amsterdam News, discusses her journey into publishing while persevering through a learning disability. 

She has an extensive biography with numerous awards and has appeared on WNBC evening news, ARISE, The O’Reilly Factor, 20/20, New York 1, CUNY TV, the Today Show, and NBC Nightly News. 

She is an activist, successful businesswoman, a mother and a shining example of a woman who overcame challenges to become one of the youngest publishers in the history of African American press. 

In this episode, we talk about: 

▶︎ Persevering despite a learning disability 

▶︎ The value of learning to speak up for yourself

▶︎ The importance of surrounding yourself with people who want to help you 

▶︎ And So Much More…

“When you want to say something, you just have to say it.  Don’t let people stop you.” – Elinor Tatum

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