Heather R. Stone

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Serial entrepreneur, pioneer in the FinTech space and host of the Mentors and Moguls Podcast

Heather R. Stone

Heather Stone is an unstoppable force! She is a successful entrepreneur and FinTech pioneer with a passion for philanthropy and adventure. She is also a mentor and host of the popular Mentors and Moguls Podcast. Heather’s primary goal is to provide mentorship opportunities through her platform for individuals seeking guidance from various business leaders, thought leaders, professional athletes, physicians, scientists, actors, creatives, and exceptional non-profit organizations. Her goal is to uplift those seeking role models and stories of greatness, humility, and personal success. Heather is committed to making a positive impact in the world by sharing her expertise and empowering others to reach their goals.

Heather R. Stone


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Heather’s Story

Drawing from over 30 years of experience across competitive arenas including asset management, technology, and finance, Heather brings a wealth of expertise to her mentoring platform. Her infectious passion for personal growth, entrepreneurship, and uplifting others has made her a highly sought-after mentor, trailblazer, and the charismatic host of the acclaimed Mentors and Moguls Podcast.

Heather is not only an entrepreneur but also a pioneer in the FinTech realm.  She holds a pivotal role within Capstone Holdings Inc., a dynamic venture overseeing projects totaling over $400MM. 

Aligned with her enduring commitment to philanthropy, Heather formalized efforts as President of the Power2Change Foundation with a mission to ignite the power of underserved middle school youth to make a positive change in their lives, their communities, and the world. 

In an effort to advance women within select economic sectors, Heather co-founded GameAbove Capital, a transformative initiative backed by a $50 million fund. This visionary endeavor is dedicated to promoting and supporting women and minority-owned sustainability businesses.

“GameAbove Capital provides a much-needed resource for women and minorities who clearly demonstrate leadership, ingenuity, and business acumen, as well as innovation in the sustainability space.”  – Heather R. Stone

Heather believes that everyone has limitless potential, value, and greatness within them. Through her mentorship programs and annual physical challenges, she inspires and leads individuals to take bold action, shatter limiting beliefs and self-doubt, and pursue their dreams. Her passion for outdoor challenges, including climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and Everest Base Camp, has taught her to push past barriers and discomfort, and now she uses these same techniques to help others succeed.

Blazing new trails and inspiring others are Heather’s trademarks. Her legacy impact on those she mentors has garnered national attention in publications such as New York Weekly, The Chicago Journal, and LA Wire. Her transformative annual immersion retreats and impactful mentorship programs have been life-changing for countless participants.

Heather Stone’s approach to life and business is rooted in her belief that anyone can be extraordinary, and she helps others unlock their potential with her practical direction and tools. Heather is a true inspiration and role model, proving that through resilience, hard work, and determination, anyone can achieve their goals!

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