Episode 2

LaTasha Batch – Finding Purpose Through Service

LaTasha Wilson-Batch is the executive director of the Best of the Batch Foundation, a 20-year-old educational-based organization that impacts more than 3,800 children across eight counties in Pennsylvania.

LaTasha built her foundation on prioritizing what kids love to do. By going back to basics, they landed on a basketball program. They were able to establish a family environment and cultivate a community by offering the program for free and in the evening hours when parents may still be working. The trick was, to play in the league, you need to attend a study hall. So, to play, you need to read!

“Everyone has a job to do. Everyone has a purpose.” @lamay34

When times were difficult, LaTasha is reminded of her purpose when she gets that hug when she first sees the children she is helping. That little extra light is what keeps her going after all these years. Even on the worst days, she knows she is there to help children grow into successful, intelligent, motivated adults no matter their situation. Attending the college graduation of former program-goers and hearing that they want to return to volunteer is the foundation of what has made the organization so impactful.

When she looks back at all the lives shes effected, the first word that comes to mind is complete. It’s a cycle which negativity can breed the same. For her, it’s about breaking that cycle and starting a new one, children growing up and coming back to mentor more children.

Other Top Quotes from this Episode

“When you put a round, orange object in their hands, people come together.” -LaTasha Wilson-Batch

“When you’re properly equipped, you feel better. You perform better.” -LaTasha Wilson-Batch

“Change happens. Adjust to it.” -LaTasha Wilson-Batch

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Fantastic episode! So great to learn about the amazing ways that the Best of the Batch Foundation is impacting the Pittsburgh community.

I thought I knew but realize I had no idea of the width and breathe of the Batch Foundation. Extrordinary.

I couldn’t think of a better time to shine a light on those that have been giving and mentoring in their community all along. Glad you learned a bit more about the Batch Foundation from the interview.

Great work being done! “Where there is progress there is hope!”

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