Episode 5

Charlie Batch – Earn it, learn it, & return it

Welcome to the first episode of the Mentors and Moguls podcast with your host, Heather Stone. Today’s guest is the great Charlie Batch, former NFL quarterback turned mentor. During his time as a professional athlete, Charlie was always thinking about what was next. Whatever it was, he knew it would revolve around helping kids. So, after he retired, he founded the Best of the Batch Foundation, an educational foundation that focuses on computer literacy. Beyond that though, they run a number of programs, including an event during the holidays where they collect thousands of gifts and household items for families in need. 

“You can be successful now, but don’t forget the people who helped you along the way.” @CharlieBatch16

The Best of the Batch Foundation also provides children with mentorship, guidance, and parental figures that help motivate them to study, eat well, and get active. A perfect example of their leadership can be found in their basketball program. Charlie’s foundation is committed to getting kids as involved with their studies and academics as they are with their athletics. To help join the two, their basketball league includes having players take 4 study halls as well as read and study a complete book. For 15 years, they’ve been running this program and still today they are seeing the impact. Kids who have grown up and come back to talk about the importance of the program exemplifies how strong the momentum is. 

Charlie and Heather shift gears to talk about Charlie’s own mantras that helped him find success in his personal and professional lives. He breaks it down into the 5 P’s: Proper preparation prevents poor performance. This made sure he was staying true to his work-ethic and solidified that he was setting himself up to be in the best position possible. 

  • “People forget the journey that it took to get there.” -Charlie Batch
  • “There’s a right way and there’s a wrong way. You have to create your own path.” -Charlie Batch
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