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If you are a woman looking to build confidence, network with other powerful women of action, learn focus techniques, AND expand your circle… THEN this is for you!

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Join us for an extraordinary retreat, where you’ll encounter the exclusive Heather R. Stone Experiential Workshop, captivating sessions, and delectable dinners, including a VIP Dinner at an exclusive private venue. Upon arrival, a warm welcome swag gift awaits you. Embrace rejuvenation through this one of a kind retreat. Immerse yourself in a two-day transformative workshop brimming with enriching activities. Seize this exceptional chance to connect, learn, and grow as you engage at our two inspiring Special Guest Speaker Events. 

Worried about coming alone? You’ll leave with 20+ new friends!


2 Private Venues in Aspen

Location to be disclosed to ticket holders only

What’s it all about?

Our retreat is designed to empower women to embrace their strength, confidence, and courage.  Through a series of immersive workshops, outdoor activities, and mindfulness practices, you will gain the tools and insights you need to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.  

Located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Aspen provides the perfect backdrop for our transformative retreat. You will be surrounded by natural beauty and fresh mountain air, giving you the space and clarity, you need to focus on your personal growth.

Our experienced facilitators will guide you through a range of activities, including yoga, meditation, energy work, hiking, and more.  You’ll also have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded women and build a supportive community that will carry you forward long after the retreat is over.

Whether you’re looking to overcome a specific challenge, or simply want to deepen your connection with yourself and others, our retreat will give you the tools and inspiration you need to live your best life.

Don’t miss this opportunity to tap into your inner warrior and unlock your full potential.  Sign up today and join us in Aspen for an unforgettable experience that will change your life forever. 

Who is this for?

Women aiming to prioritize self-care, find rejuvenation, establish grounding, foster personal growth, and forge meaningful connections.  Come solo or bring your besties to enjoy the journey with you. 


  • VIP Goal Coaching session with Heather R. Stone
  • Guided meditation with renowned medium
  • Connect with like-minded women
  • Activate learned techniques in real-time
  • Rejuvenate and Reset

Meet Your Host

Heather has put together something special for you.

Heather R. Stone

Heather R. Stone

Heather is an entrepreneur in FinTech and asset management, mountain climber, philanthropist, and Host of the Mentors and Moguls Podcast. Her mission is to share actionable advice, sage wisdom, and proven tools and provide positive role models and connections for goal-oriented individuals.

She is a super connector and is opening her powerful network of female go getters to those attending this retreat. 

“This was a really great time of self-reflection. With a mentor like Heather, she really guides you to be able to open up. These events change lives.”

Dr. S

“It’s the most inspiring experience I’ve ever had.”


“This whole experience was an awakening for me. I didn’t know how much I had been asleep in my life.”


“The support of this group of women is something I didn’t even know existed.”


“At the Unplug & Rejuvenate Workshop and Retreat we took time to dig deep and identify limiting beliefs and it was a powerful exercise. As big or insignificant as they were, I wrote them out. Then, I let them go, literally 🔥. Four weeks later (to the actual day), I’m doing exactly what I would have let those limiting beliefs hold me back from. This bold move in my life is 100% a result of letting go of the false narratives that once subconscious weighed me down.”


“The best part is, you’re not going through anything alone. You are here with women who don’t look like you, don’t talk like you, don’t sound like you but yet they have a heart that’s similar to yours.”





Pioneer and global thought leader in regenerative medicine.

“Building Human Hearts in 2023”

 Doris Taylor is a pioneer and global thought leader in regenerative medicine with over 20 patents in the field. She achieved the first scientific repair of an injured heart with stem cells in 1998, and later produced a unique cell removal (decellularization) method for developing usable scaffold frameworks from un-transplantable organs. In 2021, she co-founded Organamet Bio Inc. with a mission to generate cures for heart disease economically and bioengineer personalised replacement hearts on demand. 

Dr. Taylor’s work has earned recognition from media outlets like 60 Minutes, CNN, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, National Geographic, ABC, NBC, CBS News, and many more worldwide media outlets. Alongside a career of over three decades as a forefront player in the field, she also sat on numerous think tanks and international scientific committees for the NIH, FDA, American Association of Blood Banks, and others, and is a fellow of multiple prestigious organisations, including the American Heart Association, American College of Cardiology, and European Society for Cardiology. Her motto is, “Build the Future Today – and Do It With Heart.”

Dr. Doris A. Taylor
CEO, Organamet Bio, Inc


Austyn Wells

Spiritual Medium & Soul Gardener, Austyn Wells supports spiritually seeking individuals to cultivate their intuition, heal their hearts and connect with the Divine.

“Nurturing Your Spiritual Warrior”

Within you is a small voice that aligns you with the Infinite wisdom of the Universe. Join Soul Gardener Austyn Wells for a fun and informative session to access and trust your most powerful inner warrior, your intuition.

Dr. Doris A. Taylor
CEO, Organamet Bio, Inc

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