Confidence is the Key to Progress: Getting Ahead at Work

Humility is a positive trait, but it only gets promotion-minded employees so far. Employers need to see confidence in employees to know they are ready to lead their co-workers to success.

Many employees—women in particular— believe confidence is inherently built into someone’s DNA. That is not the case. People frequently need learn how to feel and show confidence to make progress in life and at work. It is a skill well worth sharpening to let employers know it is time for progress.

3 Ways for Employees to Build and Show Confidence to Get Ahead at Work 

It takes courage for shy, introverted or innately humble people to cultivate and share an air of confidence. It is worth the effort, especially for those who want to make strides in professional progress. Here are three ways you can develop and exude confidence. 

1. Force Yourself to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Your employers will love you if you stay at your desk all day and complete all your tasks, but they will not see that extra spark that confidence reveals when you volunteer for special projects or fundraisers. Step away from your desk and into the spotlight. 

2. Toot Your Own Professional Horn 

To share your achievements is not conceited. It is important to let people know that they can count on you for certain tasks and abilities. 

3. Use Personal Attacks Against You as an Opportunity to Show Your Character 

There are often people who will lash out against you, especially if you threaten their position, such as outshining their own achievements. Resist the urge to feel angry or resentful and look for the lessons and chances to grow.  These are a few of many ways that you can develop a strong confidence and progress so you can get ahead at work. 

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