Key reasons why women don’t ask for what they want or deserve at work and 3 ways to how they can speak up.

Many employees believe confidence is inherently built into someone’s DNA. That’s not true.

As a job seeker, you may use platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter as resources to learn more about companies to which you plan to apply to help fine-tune your […]

Being able to effectively present your ideas at meetings is important to your career success. This isn’t something that is typically taught in business school, yet it’s a skill that […]

Recently I met up with a group of women who I now affectionately call my Kili sisters. These women were strangers to me, until 2016 when I embarked on a […]

Sitting for an interview can be stressful, even for those who have been working their way up the corporate ladder and are used to the interview process. One of the […]