Episode 1

Career Advice from the Female Perspective

I sat down with a diverse panel of expert, professional women for a roundtable discussion where they share their best career advice from the female perspective.  

For many women, there is an ‘a-ha!’ moment where they discover a career path or a calling that resonates with them. When you land in a place where going to work feels natural, that’s when you know it’s where you’re meant to be. Sometimes, even on the most stressful of days, the next morning is still exciting and fresh. There could even be opportunities that may logically tell you to pursue them—more money, better location, you name it. But when you are invested in what your purpose is, you find yourself feeling like there is more work to be done.   

“Just because I’m good at something, doesn’t mean I have to go do it.” 

The ladies discuss their personal mentors. For some, their mentors have been male–especially in male-dominated industries. For those who have had both female and male mentors, they felt that they were able to be more open with their female mentors. Bonds form quickly! 

Balancing work and life can be incredibly difficult. In the end, it comes down to communication. There is a lot of juggling of every child’s schedule–gymnastics, art, music, soccer, you name it. Google Calendars and Whiteboards go a long way!   

They chat about negotiation from the perspective of a woman. For some, backing down simply isn’t an option. If there is something that will elevate their team or their family, fighting for it is worth the value. If it benefits other people, it’s no problem, but if it’s for themselves, it’s a different story. Sometimes it doesn’t come naturally! The desire to want to please everyone can overwhelm the want for a raise or for a change. The truth is, if you don’t go and get it, you won’t get it. Dress the part and fill the role! Negotiation only happens if you have the confidence to do it. Confidence comes from believing you have the knowledge and HAVING the knowledge.


10:56, “It comes down to communication.” 

12:10, “Your kids can look up to whatever you’re doing.” 

16:05, “You can step up. You can get what you want.” 

23:19, “It’s okay to admit you don’t know it.” 

26:10, “You have the knowledge.” 

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4 comments on “Career Advice from the Female Perspective”

Thank you all for an honest, calm and uplifting 30 minutes. I felt I was in a room with friends. Some really helpful advice too.

Honest conversation with a variety of professional women. We are all working through the same issues no matter the title.

Great group of professional woman sharing their life experiences, we all go thru the same things, it is nice to hear real women sharing how they handle situations.

Great points made about how to build confidence “put yourself in situations that make you feel uncomfortable” and “ do things that scare you until they don’t scare you anymore”. Love the advice

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