Episode 14

Businessman, Actor, Paratrooper, Michael Bailey Smith

In today’s expert mentoring session, Heather hosts Michael Bailey Smith, a man of many careers during his lifetime, but ultimately, a man who always goes for what he wants. Michael Bailey Smith is an actor, entrepreneur, motivator, and more than just the “bad guy” of your favorite movie. 

Determined to play football, Michael pushed himself mentally and physically and served in the military for three years as a paratrooper.

Growing up as the oldest of six kids, Michael was focused on playing college football despite his parent’s inability to afford to send him to college. Determined to play football, Michael pushed himself mentally and physically and served in the military for three years as a paratrooper. After the army, He then attended college at Eastern Michigan University, where his athletic talents earned him a spot as a free agent with the Dallas Cowboys in 1985. Smith’s football career was cut short by injury and he returned to Eastern Michigan University, where in 1988 he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer-Aided Design.

After college, Michael found himself in San Diego with a friend who was auditioning for a role in the scary movie, A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child. Even though Michael wasn’t there with the intention to audition, the casting director pulled him aside to offer him the chance to read for the role of Super Freddy Krueger. Michael then met Stephen Hopkins, the director of the movie, who offered him the role to play “the real scary guy” in the movie after hearing Michael’s big evil laugh. 

“Most people are average; don’t be average. Be above-average.” – Michael Bailey Smith, Actor, Businessman, Paratrooper @MILIBAHU

I have a note on my mirror that said, “Michael Bailey Smith: Hollywood’s new leading man.”

Michael says that in both the acting and the business worlds, he is a very goal-oriented person, and recommends others to set goals, too—no matter what it is: big or small. Even though he is often type-cast as “the bad guy,” Michael wants to put out some good into the world, too. As a worker and member of the business world, Michael shares his story of how he worked his way up in a test laboratory and helped build the company, as well, from the ground up while he worked there. 

Michael assures listeners that he is still writing and that he is currently working on writing and producing different screenplays ranging from the topics of sports and football to answering the big questions in life. Wrapping up the interview, Michael shares with listeners that if he isn’t doing something to make his life better or move his life forward, then he doesn’t feel as if he is truly living. 


“I wanted to move on, I wanted to do something different. Instead of waiting tables as an actor, I worked in a test laboratory.”

“Most guys who play bad guys are actually super nice guys.”

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