Ideas for Supplemental Income During the Pandemic

As people look for ways to get a handle on their personal finance during the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, they may be on the lookout for other streams of supplemental income to help them get by or allow them to build up savings in the event a second wave hits the country. Due to an increase in business tools, there is now a multitude of work-from-home jobs as well as other outside side gigs that can help you to build the security you are looking for even during the midst of the pandemic. 

Freelance Writing

Do you have a creative side? Was English one of your stronger subjects? Do you read a lot online? If so, then freelance writing may be a good fit for an extra source of income. Even with many businesses struggling during the pandemic, they are still striving to keep their customer base alive and focused on their brand. For some companies, online sales have become the new norm, which makes drawing potential leads through online content even more critical. There are a variety of types of content that businesses are looking for to increase traffic to their site and convert potential leads into customers. They are looking for writers to create web pages, provide blog content, post on social media, and even develop free ebooks to entice leads to sign up for more information. While you can contact companies directly to offer your services, if you are just starting, you may want to consider writing for a content site. These sites procure the customers for you and handle the payment, taking two of the major areas that can be difficult out of the process.  

Delivery Services

Social distancing guidelines as well as fear of contracting the virus has many people choosing to stay at home instead of going out for their necessary essentials. In addition to this, many businesses who are unable to make money while following the new COVID-19 guidelines are sticking to pick up and delivery services as a way to continue their stream of revenue until the restrictions are relaxed. To draw in more customers, companies are offering free or low-cost delivery, which many people are taking advantage of, prompting a need for more and more reliable delivery drivers for a number of locations. You will find delivery services have openings such as DoordashUberEatsInstacart, and GrubHub, but you also find that many business are offering their own delivery force as well. What’s great about many of these positions is that they offer flexible scheduling. If you have a reliable car and like being on the road, this could be the ideal side gig for you. 

Online Tutoring

The global pandemic has opened up a number of positions for online tutoring. With so many people sheltering and working from home, they are looking for help with their child’s remote education or improving on their own skills. A popular online tutoring option is teaching English to students across the globe, and it requires no teaching credentials or experience to apply. Other online tutoring opportunities include parents working from home who wish to homeschool their children to protect them from contracting the virus in a school setting. This type of position often involves helping them to better understand their assignments and improve basic skills such as reading and math basics. Finally, you can find work teaching adults new skills such as media marketing. If you have a skill set and enjoy working with people, online tutoring can be a great form of supplemental income.

Childcare Services

As more and more people return to work, there are limited spots in daycare facilities due to their class size restrictions. This can make it difficult for parents to find proper care for their children at traditional facilities. While opening a home daycare would require licensing and permits, you can instead choose to watch one or two children for parents who need to work. There is also a significant need for childcare outside of normal hours for parents who work second and third shifts, which can make child care in this area a sought after commodity. For those who enjoy children and are looking for a little extra money each month, childcare can be a viable option.

Virtual Assistant

While remote work has been around for a long time, with the recent pandemic, more and more people are navigating remote work. Those who need extra assistance in managing their day-to-day workload may find the need to retain the services of a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants can perform a number of different tasks for their employer, depending on the field they are in and their current position. Some of the tasks often assigned to virtual assistants include schedule management, customer service, accounting functions, project management and assistance, and handling paperwork. Depending on the requirements of the job you may obtain a position with no skills or may be able to put some of your previous employment skills to use, such as knowledge of software, or bookkeeping skills. 

Customer Support

Many online companies rely on outside customer support representatives to handle their customer’s orders and questions. By hiring freelance remote workers they can save a lot on overhead. Even now, as the coronavirus continues to change the way businesses operate, even brick and mortar companies are turning to remote customer service support. This position typically involves answer customers’ questions about products and services, following up on order statuses, taking orders, managing returns, and handling complaints. One great thing about these types of positions is that they are always looking for customer service representatives who can work at off-peak hours so that the customers can have the 24/7 service they are looking for. If you have a day job that keeps you busy, you can easily work a few hours a day doing customer support into your schedule. 


With more time on their hands and additional money from pandemic unemployment compensation and stimulus checks, many people find themselves with more money than they had when working their previous jobs. Additionally, restrictions on retail shopping had pushed buyers to turn to online vendors to buy their products. This combination makes it the perfect time for online sellers to make some additional money. Whether you are knowledgeable about cookware, fashion, makeup, health products, or jewelry, they are plenty of companies looking for representatives to sell their products through parties and online venues. You can use your current social media following to sell your products and also recruit people to host virtual parties where they can invite their friends and family members to buy and refer your products. These events require little time, making them profitable for those who have a knack for selling. 

Transcription Services

Do you ever wonder how doctors and specialists have time to create detailed reports for patient’s files? Well, the short answer is, they often don’t. Many doctors save time by recording information and findings on research and patient cases using a handheld recording device. They then use outside services to transcribe this material so that it is in an electronic and digital form that can be put into a patient’s file and referenced when needed. This type of side gig will require an initial investment for the transcription machine, but if you are quick at typing and have an ear for medical jargon, you can recoup your costs quickly and go on to make a decent amount of money. 

Online Surveys

You have likely seen a number of surveys pop up online when you purchase a product or utilize a service. But what you may have not realized is there are actually online survey sites that will pay for your opinion. Some will pay you in cash like Swagbucks and others will pay you in reward points that you can use to make purchases in the future. Survey Junkie is one example of a site that will have you accrue points that you can then cash in to buy gift cards to your favorite stores and online retailers. You don’t need any experience to begin taking surveys, though you might not be accepted for all based on your demographics. This job is a great side gig for some extra spending cash and is easier to do whenever you find the time.

While it is true that the global pandemic has left many people struggling to make ends meet, especially when confined to their home for periods of time, there are some ways to make a little extra money to help keep you afloat and on track to meet your financial goals. Consider one or more of the supplemental income ideas listed above that provided you with the flexibility and earning capability you need to pay your bills. 

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