Episode 71

3 Steps to Creating a Non-Profit with Genevieve Piturro

Speaker, Author and Founder of the Pajama Program, Genevieve Piturro was a successful television marketing executive in New York City for twenty years when a little girl’s question changed the course of her life forever.  She jumped off the corporate ladder and began delivering pajamas and books to children in shelters and in 2001 founded the Pajama Program, a non-profit which has been recognized nationwide for both its success and Genevieve’s story.

She has learned that everything begins when we find purpose in our lives. So many of us are re-evaluating our paths because we want more fulfillment. We want the work we do and the people we do it with to make a difference in this world. This kind of thinking can transform how you do your job, how office teams work together, and how leaders at every level lead. 

For those looking for what to do and how to find the right path, Genevieve says to take it one step at a time. Ask everyone who knows more than you for their advice and take things one step at a time. She also says to listen to your “aha moments” and those will help direct you towards your purpose.

In this episode, we talk about: 

▶︎ Finding purpose  

▶︎ Listening to your intuition and “aha moments” in your life to guide you

▶︎  How to make the business side of a nonprofit organization work

▶︎ And So Much More…

“Feel the fear and do it anyway.”⁣ – Genevieve Piturro @GenPiturro

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