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My mission is to make a positive impact on others by providing a real-time platform featuring goal driven women to learn from, emulate and be inspired by on the way to writing the next chapter in your story.  

So many women are searching for confidence, validation and for someone to believe in them.  My mentorship program and empowerment immersion retreats offer all of this and more.  As a result – women are changing their stories for the better, daring to reach higher without the fear of judgment and finding new abilities they have never tapped into.    

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Oct 14 & 15, 2023

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Progress and forward motion are essential to personal growth and a natural part of our own evolution.  I focus on stillness and listening to my inner voice to gain clarity during my goal identifying process. 


Confidence is created through experience.  Exposure to other’s and valuable lessons through mentorship can fast track your own path to success. Embracing the perfect mentor can make all the difference.  Heather’s goal is to inspire and help you become the best version of yourself through her Goal Focused Mentoring.

Access top hacks from the experts  

Take the shortcut! Go behind the curtain to listen to the secrets from straight-talking mentors on the Mentors and Moguls Podcast where Heather reveals the hacks of artists, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and pro athletes bringing you 30 years of experience all in one place.

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I had more progress in four days at the immersion retreat than 10 years in therapy.

Brittany F.

Her program is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I’ve never found anything as effective and inspiring as Heather’s program. 

Robyn K.

Since attending one of Heather’s retreats, I have accomplished more in 3 months than in the past 3 years. 

Ashley G.

Heather delivers honest and real talk in short episodes to get listeners fired up and engaged in their own growth and the broader conversations around self-improvement. I found each episode intriguing and motivational for quick bursts of inspiration and an extra push in the right direction.

Sarah M.

Heather’s talk about how we are in control of manifesting positive energy in our lives was so powerful and her words resonated deeply.  Knowing that Heather lives by the ideas and thoughts that she shared that night made the whole presentation so authentic and living proof that creating positive energy actually does manifest amazing things in our lives.

Michelle C.

From the Art of Manifesting Your Vision Event

Heather’s goal-oriented mindset has helped me to continue along my path in growing a professional social network of support in Aspen.

Jillian L.